The Swiss Preclinical Contract Research Organization

Frimorfo is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Marly (Fribourg), Switzerland.

Our expert scientists team up with those of our clients in Universities, Biotech and Pharma Industry to efficiently move forward their research projects.


Frimorfo deploys activites in two distinct fields:

1.) Services:
  • Efficacy studies of drug candidates
  • Phenotyping genetically modified mice
2.) Products:
  • Kits for Golgi-Cox impregnations
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Frimorfo has established itself as a respected, reliable partner providing high quality products and services and continuously expanding its portfolio.
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Frimorfo's ultimate goal is to become the premier provider of morphological tools and informations for the discovery of new drug targets.

Frimorfo offers its expertise on a worldwide basis to pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology firms and universities. As a small and focused company, Frimorfo is in a unique position to play a significant role as a product and service supplier in the discovery and evaluation of novel genes, ultimately leading to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.