Efficacy studies of drug candidates
(In vivo studies)

Frimorfo uses animal models to:

  • Evaluate the potency of drug candidates in a variety of therapeutic areas
  • Determine the pharmacokinetics after different routes of drug application

Frimorfo scientists work closely together with customers to choose the best models for the specific compound and the targeted therapeutic area and to develop the optimal study plan.

Our team consists of experienced DVM, PhDs and MDs and highly motivated well trained technicians for the animal handling and the laboratory analytics.

We have a rodent animal facility equipped with:

  • Quarantine
  • Rack with single ventilated cages
  • Health monitoring via sentinel animals

Therapeutic area:

  • Neurology (neurodegeneration, inflammation, neurogenesis)
  • Metabolism (diabetes models)
  • Inflammation (Lupus models)
  • Cancer

Corollary methods:

  • Multiple blood samples from one animal
  • Different application routes (Gavage, IP, IV, IM)

Analytics of test compound and metabolites:

  • Development of LC-MS/MS methods
  • Quantitation of the analytes in serum, plasma and tissues


  • Targeted microscopic study of affected organs
  • Immunohistochemistry