Company History

2010 Frimorfo moves to new facilities in the former Ciba-Geigy research center in Marly - Fribourg
2005 Diversification of service portfolio to include in vivo studies in mice and rats
30.09.2003 Frimorfo: "Five Years On" Symposium
07.09.2001 Frimorfo's Phenotyping Seminar
06.04.2001 Frimorfo receives Venture Capital from "Capital Risque, Canton Fribourg" and from the Novartis Venture Fund
15.11.1999 Frimorfo receives the CTI-start-up label
15.03.1999 Frimorfo receives venture capital from Effort Fribourg SA
30.09.1998 Frimorfo is established in Fribourg (Switzerland) as a "spin-off" of the Faculty of Science of the University of Fribourg